Why Get It?

Prices at the pump are unpredictable

At least 4 times in the past 15 years, national gas prices have increased by between $0.50 and $1.10/gallon in as fast as 3 months1.

Survey Says2

Are you concerned that gas prices will increase by $0.50/gallon in 12 months?

A strategy that works

The largest buyers of fuel already use similar protection plans to protect against high prices.

This is a rare occassion

National gas prices have averaged less than $2/gallon4 in only 16 out of the past 100 years. They will go up again!

Sleep Well at Night

Get peace of mind knowing that gas prices wont bust your budget

No More than
per Month for

Enroll and forget it

The cash simply shows up in your account when prices in your area are above the cap. You don't have to do anything else!

How Does It Work?

Get the best of both worlds

Don't change a thing you are doing

Continue to fillup at any gas station you choose.
We track average retail prices in the country, and if the national average increases above $2.40/gal, we send you cash for the difference, on a monthly basis.

Fill up anywhere

When gasoline price is...


and you're a

When gasoline price is...


and you're a




When gasoline price is...


and you're a not a member

LoveMyGasPrice is not

A gas card that forces you to fill up at specific stations
A rewards program that makes you buy products for "points"
A prepayment of gas that forces you to spend lots of cash up front

About Us

LoveMyGasPrice Expert

Lovemygasprice is all about bringing the products and services very large businesses already use to manage their energy to the regular everyday consumer.

The lovemygasprice team has over 70+ years of management level experience in the energy industry and has managed millions of dollars' worth of energy including gasoline, diesel, oil, natural gas, and electricity.

Equally as important, we have already done this with another type of energy, electricity. Our team has started companies that have provided retail electricity to over 250,000 small business and residential customers.


  1. Data from the US EIA. 

  2. Based on a Google survey done February 2015. 

  3. The capped price is compared to the 4 week average of the average retail index for regular unleaded gasoline as published by the Energy Information Administration ("Location Index"). If the location index is higher than the relevant cap price we give you cashback for the difference. 

  4. Inflation adjusted. 

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